SizeGenetics VS X4 Labs Penis Extender

One might well imagine that the penis extender business is rife with companies and products vying for prominence in this highly sensitive, but potentially lucrative, industry. In this age of internet, there is no avoiding dubious start-up companies of vague origins which promise much and deliver little. There are also bona fide (pardon the pun) organisations with very well designed solutions sporting medical certification and authentic user testimonials, verifying the efficacy of their products.

There is really very little question as to which option someone intending to purchase a penile extender should opt for. We are, after all, talking about an organ of the body which can potentially be damaged irreparably due the application of a device that was never systematically designed and tested to meet stringent human safety requirements. SizeGenetics and X4 Labs are two legitimate and justifiable leaders in the industry, which deliver rigorously researched and tested solutions for men.

The SizeGenetics system is probably the most complete solution on the market, offering not only a remarkably versatile and comfortable device, but also a wide range of accessories and instructional material to significantly improve user comfort and experience. The basic device is an exceptionally well-constructed extender with a contoured headpiece and adjustable harness strap designed to hold the shaft of the penis behind the corona as firmly and comfortably as possible, maximizing traction while minimizing discomfort. The base ring is also highly contoured in order to apply pressure as evenly as possible against the pelvic bone and around the scrotum.

The equally important side rods consist of rod segments which can be added or removed to accommodate a wide variety of penis lengths. Each side has a unique, axial spring mechanism near the base ring to supply a smooth and constant tractive force, even during inevitable shifting and movement.

The X4 Labs device is an equally valid product featuring state-of-the-art ergonomic design and alternative solutions for harnessing the glans firmly and comfortably, including flexible rubber straps, silicon nooses and specially engineered protective foam rings. The overall design of the two extremities and the elongation rods, as they are known, is not dissimilar to the SizeGenetics alternative and other, similar examples on the market. Like SizeGenetics, but unlike many inferior clone devices available, the X4 Labs extender represents the quality end of the market and is thus constructed using materials that are very unlikely to ever break or cause any problems, even over prolonged usage. There is no doubting the validity of this extender, which adds clinical certification and aggressive pricing to its list of advantages over its competitors.

Selecting the better of the two is really a question of weighting one’s personal criteria and preferences. The base products are essentially very similar, as are many market offerings for that matter. SizeGenetics offers the best solution for those who are anxious about potential discomfort and irritation over time, whereas X4 Labs is perhaps more suitable for those who are after a quality product without paying the extra money for added accessories they may never actually use. Either way, both companies represent the more professional end of the market and are sure to offer the best levels of service, support and discretion necessary for a most satisfactory customer experience. We suggest you to read full review here: or you can visit useful links: